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Mission statement


At the heart of Poradnia's philosophy lie three fundamental principles which inform its approach to therapeutic work with clients. Empowerment, responsibility and participation embody virtues of reference in our professional endeavours, which provide conditions where clients start to feel in charge of their life, have a chance to develop strong sense of ownership, and actively engage in the process of change.



Poradnia focuses on rediscovering and employing clients' personal strengths and internal resources. Individual and group work are goal-oriented and designed to develop a client's sense of ownership for his/her life.

Clients are encouraged to test and actively employ newly learnt skills, both in private life and at work.


The desired change is only possible if a person feels in charge for her/his actions. Therefore clients are strongly encouraged to build meaningful vision and clearly defined long-term objectives for their life. The therapeutic work is also focused on strengthening perseverance in the face of (often harsh) difficulties.



"Action speaks louder than words" rule defines the principle of Poradnia's approach. 

Although some deep-rooted issues and traumas may need to be discussed and worked through in depth, it will lead to concrete steps initiating tangible, desirable change in a client's own life.


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