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General Terms and Conditions


Poradnia NL Psychological Practice (Poradnia in short) is regulated by law of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and adheres to the Code of Ethics for Psychologists drawn up by the Dutch Association of Psychologists. General terms and conditions of services provided by Poradnia, cancelling and rescheduling appointments policy, privacy policy, payment conditions and complaint procedure are explained below.

All the information published on Poradnia website is provided in good faith and to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. However no responsibility can be accepted by Poradnia for any omissions or unintentionally incorrect information published on the site. The site has an informational purpose, therefore no binding and/or contractual rights can be derived from its content, in part and as a whole.


Cancelling and rescheduling appointments

Appointments must be cancelled minimum 24 hours before the agreed appointment date. Otherwise a consultation fee will be charged as per attended session (for a no-show fee, see this page)


Privacy Policy

All therapy and counselling services provided by Poradnia, whether delivered individually or in a group setting, are completely confidential within the boundaries of the Law of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Poradnia will never sell, exchange or release your personal information for commercial use to any third parties without your clear and explicit consent. Personal information such as name, e-mail, postal address and phone/fax number are protected and will only be used to communicate with you during and after the time you use Poradnia services. Poradnia does not monitor individual phone calls. All the clinical information gathered during the therapeutic process will be stored safely and without any third party access.



Poradnia uses cookies on its website for statistical purposes to help improve the information made available and the user experience through determining details such as reading figures, which pages were visited, which guides were downloaded etc. A cookie does not collect personal data such as your name, address or if the computer is used by one or more persons. It also cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programs.


Complaints and disputes

If you feel that your rights as the client of Poradnia have been affected and you exhausted other ways of resolving the issue (e.g. talking to the person concerned, trying to find a solution together with your therapist or coach), you have the right to complain to the Dutch Association for Healthcare Psychology (NVGzP). For more information about the formal complaint procedure and scope of acceptable complaints please refer to this document.


Cookie Policy

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